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ICICTE: snippets from the Philosophers Cafe

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Discussions arising from thoughts that Simon Shurville raised in his keynote.

Henk talked through the key issues he saw. Tom Browne looked at the relationship between technology investment, and how these may actually drive a conservative approach. Gorg threatened contention: regimentation! How a systems based approach can keep us stuck. Tom asked is there a clash between massification and personalisation.

Heard about Facebook for new business students at Melbourne. How a FB group gave transitions support to FIFA.

Tiko  asked how can technology help with fostering the collegiate experience. Henk talked about learning design for the spaces in which we work.

Gorg asked whether, the virtual space can offer these places for socialisation.

Ken talked about the benefit of mentoring new lecturers, to help PhDs learn to teach!

Marcia ended with a reminder of our global place, and talked of Unesco, then she quoted Socrates “Am an neither an Athenian nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world”!


Working at Heydown, with Sue and Tom

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Working hard with Tom and Sue


Spent a fantastic day working with Sue and Tom on our latest project, relating graduate employment statisitics to a practical intervention. Hoping that we can actually help some of this years graduates do better in the job market. The day was productive, but also loads of fun. Got to meet many of Sue’s lovely sheep. And to eat a few, in the form of tasty mutton sausages! More fotos on Flickr