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Working at Heydown, with Sue and Tom

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Working hard with Tom and Sue


Spent a fantastic day working with Sue and Tom on our latest project, relating graduate employment statisitics to a practical intervention. Hoping that we can actually help some of this years graduates do better in the job market. The day was productive, but also loads of fun. Got to meet many of Sue’s lovely sheep. And to eat a few, in the form of tasty mutton sausages! More fotos on Flickr


So nice when social networking brings cool things together, or why I am glad when my ex students link up with me!

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So nice when social networking brings cool things together, or why I am glad when my ex studetns link back to me!

SO an ex student starts to follow my twitter, and I go see where he is (Glenn is a smart and interesting guy), and follow links to his company qube ( )

They look to be doing some useful marketing with social networkin, and there are links from their blog to this excellent primer on how to win frinds and influence people. The rest of the article is interesting too….

10 Ways to Build Relationships Before You Ask for Anything

Comment on and reply to other people’s observations, posts, and ideas. (Sometimes, just retweeting someone’s status message in Twitter is a gesture that matters to people.)

Share good information freely, such as pointing to great blog posts or articles.

Make virtual introductions when you see obvious like-minded people who could do to know each other.

Create useful media like blog posts or ebooks or videos that help people.

Find mutual interest points and talk about them. (Bonus points to you if they’re off-topic from your business needs, like talking about the Red Sox or Barbecue.)

Remember things about the other person, such as whether they have a big meeting on Thursday, and ask them about it on Friday.

Help when someone is promoting their thing. Spread information for other people liberally.

Find causes and nonprofit experiences to help out. Showing that you’re not just a capitalist pig goes a long way.

Reply to people and build conversations.

Thank people when they’re helpful.

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