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ICICTE 2009, the final day

Posted in internet impact, travel, Uncategorized with tags , on July 11, 2009 by Asher Rospigliosi

Made my presentation “The Telling: Teaching Information managers about managing Indigenous (ecological) knowledge”, in the same session as Tom Browne did his paper, also written with Simon. We were back to back, so the morning started with a nice, tribute to him.

The presentation went down well, with quite a few interesting and supportive questions. I worked hard to get a few key ideas across, and came through to time.

Over lunch Ispent time with Henk, setting up a blog with him, using Gorg’s  funny title “Henkering 4 it“!  It looks good and already has a tag cloud and a feed from his Flickr fotos. 

Tonight we have the wild Greek Night to look forwards to.

Later we are


ICICTE: snippets from the Philosophers Cafe

Posted in e-learning with tags , , , on July 10, 2009 by Asher Rospigliosi

Discussions arising from thoughts that Simon Shurville raised in his keynote.

Henk talked through the key issues he saw. Tom Browne looked at the relationship between technology investment, and how these may actually drive a conservative approach. Gorg threatened contention: regimentation! How a systems based approach can keep us stuck. Tom asked is there a clash between massification and personalisation.

Heard about Facebook for new business students at Melbourne. How a FB group gave transitions support to FIFA.

Tiko  asked how can technology help with fostering the collegiate experience. Henk talked about learning design for the spaces in which we work.

Gorg asked whether, the virtual space can offer these places for socialisation.

Ken talked about the benefit of mentoring new lecturers, to help PhDs learn to teach!

Marcia ended with a reminder of our global place, and talked of Unesco, then she quoted Socrates “Am an neither an Athenian nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world”!

George Papendreou talks at ICICTE in a spontaneous visit

Posted in internet impact with tags on July 10, 2009 by Asher Rospigliosi

As George Papendreou talks at ICICTE in a spontaneous visit, he critiques the predominant imperative in much of the legacy of aducational systems. He praises Chralie Chaplin’s critique of the Fordist society, bringing strange and exciting resonance with Simon’s keynote on going beyond MacDonaldised approach to education!

He speaks well, drawing on his own experiences, such as the way that television as a technology, was adopted for one way use, broadcast not two way communication.

He suggests ten ideas about how technology and education might take us:

1 The digital distribution of knowledge brings a sustainable wealth for us all. The access that we all have now to so much knowledge

2 if we are drowned in to much the knowledge we have access

3 how will we find and assess the knowledge we have access

4 how important is the knowledge we have access

5 how will we combine and synthesise the knowledge we have access

6 how to employ the knowledge we have access to

7 educational establishments should become centres of innovation: not just  products but also social tools

8 How will we form curricula: what shall we teach, what is on the agenda?

9 how we will learn collectively; to develop learners as citizens of the one world we are building

10 Technology can empower, we have such great capabilities: how do we help to empower and develop a sence of co responcibilty on how we govern our world?