Christmas thoughts: idren in the antipodes, those that are last are first

I am well blessed to have a posse on the other side of the world. My sweet close brother Simon. Man who taught me more about music than any (though I know Thomo taught me reggae).
I miss you Simon, and it has been so nice to see you sharing your music love on Facebook this Christmas!
But along with Simon my first real kindred spirit at Brighton Business School (loved her since our first slow dance to Could You Be Loved, at Kev’s housewarming) and her lively family… My South Australia massive.
Then I got my Westies. Family, love Sista Mini & Mum (Bing, is an awesome, strong generous home maker)  and Dad. Bal, I love your quirky style. That creativity and outsider perspective enables me to understand Mitch (a bit).
And her boys! Man, I love those brothers i have trod the path with. When Les and Ed were both cult up for sleeping on Boca beach, our first night together in Cuba I knew I was lucky to know them. Feel like mi bredrin. Wish I could get them two in my tipi for a party at Glastonbury!
And I know I got a kindred tech brother in Gash, I am a nerd after his own heart, hoover know what I mean!
I even got a bro out west who is more inclined to sleep outside by a fire than me. Iwan, thanks for outside nights.
These last five years since I last made that big flight I have my aussie brother in tipi fields, Paul and his fam. And this Christmas he has Mt brother Rohan, and his lovely fsmily.
To all my Australian family: peace and love at Christmas, arms it has not evenreached UK yet


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