Update on the 101 Happiness activities book, progress so far

In December, Tom and I asked for contributions to the book we are writing: 101 Activities for Happiness Workshops; this is an update to let you know how we are progressing.

The call was circulated by several national and international happiness studies and positive psychology organisations. We are very grateful for the kind effort of those who forwarded our call for contributions.

We received many contributions as a result of this call in many different forms, from one-line ideas and suggestions to fully structured activities.  We are now working on writing these up in a format suitable for the book. We have made good progress, and have about fifty gathered so far.

We feel it is likely that there will be enough to justify the title of the book, but whatever happens, we will share the resulting collection with all those who contributed and will let contributors know how we are progressing as we work through the ideas.

We are still happy to receive further suggestions, if you have more to offer!

asher and Tom


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