3 Iron 2004, a strange slice of Korea

I Watched a film last night and really enjoyed the unspoken romance in 3 Iron. The care the silent couple lavished on dead dad they found, in one of the houses they squatted was sweet. But, for a short romance, the levles of random violence are scary. A tired mum, pissed off after a fraught family holiday, tells her son to shoot her in the face, not knowing the silent, caring squatter has repaired it! When he is in a police cell, the beatings are brutal, though their result is strangely inspiring. He gradually perfects invisibility, a state to which seems to have aspired all along. By the finale, he is able to live with his silent girl, eating from the side of her brutal husbands plate, to her giggles. She was very beautiful and mute suited her, judging by her ill judged use of her 3 minutes of fame: to raise money for comfort women, thru sales of soft porn of that theme (according to wikipedia)


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