Stimulating thoughts on the imminent eschaton and the mobile Internet

Just read some stimulating thoughts on the imminent eschaton and the mobile Internet by one of my colleagues from ZDNet UK, Munir Kotadia. Lots of interesting ideas pulled together from a panel discussion at the Origins of Consciousness Tour in Sydney. The conneciton between us all facilitated by mobile technology and how that fosters a shared consciousness fascinates me.  Of those on the panel, I saw Pesce talk about VRML and wrote a piece on him, in the days of ZDNet news! My wife saw Terrence speak in Sydney in mid nineties. Only yesterday (admittedly the day after my zombie wedding party) I was talking with friends about Robert Anton Wilson’s part in the Illuminatus Trilogy, which drew hevily on McKenna’s ideas.
As an academic, I feel it helpful to offer a counter argument to the iPill appeal, the idea that we will want to take a pill that would give us wired connections to an internet consciousness, so will share this  YouTube ‘sight‘ of how an implanted F***book virtual reality might feel 😉
Mun’s account of the discussion are here The iPhone 15 is (almost) unimaginable | Delimiter.


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