Remi Johnson-Glastonbury 1995 and earlier….

No Comment at Dingwalls (L to R- Phil, Jim, Katie, me, Steve and Remi)

No Comment at Dingwalls (L to R- Phil, Jim, Katie, me, Steve and Remi)

Thanks to James Fryer for showing me a great old picture of me on stage with Remi Johnson. It has that rough, early eighties look to it. Skinheads and comic fanz combined.At Dingwalls ‘night club’, Camden Town. Got me thinking about my friendship with Remi, one of my first really close friends at Creighton Comprehensive. The picture is hosted on a BB with peeps sharing memories of the magical (and missed) Remi. I thought of the last time I saw him, with my boys, at Glastonbury 1995…

I posted this in the ‘Memories of Remi‘ Forum:

How the Rospigliosi boys met Remi

Postby rospigliosi » Wed May 19, 2010 12:14 pm

Glastonbury June 1995

It was a long hot one, really hot. And crowded. The fence came down on the Thursday at the Kings Meadow. Nino, Cas and Eme helped prepare the totem pole in the (old) tipi field. We camped in a new tent that Pauline (my wonderful ex wife) had supported us buying (we were all so poor).

Remi had a tequila stall / mexican bar – in (I think) the field below circus (perhaps world). We met up late in the festival. I was staying on, helping in the clean up crew creche, so he invited us to an after party BBQ

He had a lovely old carpet, and invited Caspian (age five) to come sit on it wit him. He played guitar. He cooked and wined and dined us. The boys were captivated. He had Anna (the wrench) with him. She had scarred knuckles from bringing the fence down!

Strange shit happened (as it so often did when hanging with Remi) – a ‘casulty’ came bounding naked out of nowhere. Remi was kind, but the guy needed help, so we drove him up to the farm. He was bleedin and shitty, so we sat him on bonnet of the car, not inside.

When we returned and started tending to the food, the naked dude came running, long legged leaps, across the field. Keen to be back at Remi’s party. It was cool.

Late that night we hugged and left, and I never saw Remi again (though I did ring him on my birthday that year, to ask him to come watch the movie Clueless with Pauline and me at the Phoenix, Finchley, could not get him :-(


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