Dance, dance, dance by Murakami

I really enjoyed Dance, dance, dance by Murakami. It has that strange, other worldness that he does so well. While it is in some ways worrying that he creates such a distance from women in here. He still provides interesting connections between man and woman (and he sure knows how describe sex in a satisfying way!) But that the girls are 3 prostitutes, a 13 year old and a fetishised receptionist is kinda worrying!


2 Responses to “Dance, dance, dance by Murakami”

  1. silverseason Says:

    Have you read any of his other books? I enjoyed Kafka on the Shore very much. That book also has a prostitute, but she is a student of philosophy who provides sex in order to support herself. An interesting character, but not believable and, in context, probably a product of someone’s fantasy.

  2. Yes, I have read many (most?). I loved Kafka also, he does eeem to get an interesting take on the young. In Kafka the lead character is a fifteen year old boy, and as you say, he is looked out to by a young girl. In Dance dance dance there is a thirteen year old neglected girl, whom he has a platonic love for. In my fave, wind up bird chronicles, there is a cool girl, who sits and suns herself, and is too cool for words. Have you read WUBC? It has the most profundity I think, as that metaphysical strangeness that he does so well, is focussed in WUBC as a form of revelatory transformation… Whoops, I reckon I gone a bit pretentious here 🙂


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