Walnutting for the year

There is a fantastic smell to walnuts as they come from the tree. There thick green skin is rich in medicinal qualities, not least is the dark stain that coloured the tips of my fingers (for days) after collecting a couple of hundred this weekend. They look real nice on the tree, as the skin splits and the bright nut shell is exposed. I left a quite few hundred with Michael, he wants a couple each day to feed that fantastic brain of his. I carried a few hundred back to Holmbush, so Mitch and I should get to eat one most days..


One Response to “Walnutting for the year”

  1. I dunno man…"walnutting" sounds like a Mafia punishment, probably involving a person, the side of a wooden building, and a staple gun.  Other than that, what a pleasant outing you must have had!

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