Factory Girl – banal nipples

Factory Girl – banal nipples

Saw Factory Girl last night, and was unimpressed. Here is a film with stars, budget, access to classic images, a chic and sexy theme, little need for a plot and the potential for the coolest of sounds trax. OK – it may have been for legal reasons that they did not have Dylan’s tunes (disclaimer, he is not connected with this film, this review or anything). BUT What was that lame lame lame balloon song about? And they repeat it in the closing credits. Damn man, somebody blundered.

Then there was Sienna – she looked nice, she did hopeless druggy OK, she did pathetic and annoying real well – indeed so well it kinda undermined the whole storyline.

And the Factory life style thing? Seriously, the attempt to evoke a happening, drugged up, free lurving party was risible. Like those hackneyed educational/lifestyle warning docu-dramas of my youth. And for hackneyed, check the consummating sex scene between Edie and not-bob! Sloppy soft porn camera pans up and down and back and forth. I mean, while most of us might relish seeing pretty nipples sucked, but eye glazed over at the banality of the open fire and soft lighting.

Shame – ‘cos there is plenty to tell of the impact of fifteen mins in the spots, that could have served as real in this celebrity enamoured era


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